Debating Oprah

I managed to get into some wordy discussions with MikeMC over on Medium.  Here’s how it played out from my perspective:

  • Oprah Winfrey gives an excellent speech at the Golden Globes.  This causes rampant speculation about Oprah for President 2020.
  • A backlash ensues.  The backlash includes a lot of crappy discussion on a giant social network that irritates me, so I start writing my thoughts.  I leave the draft sitting around a while.
  • Just around the time that it’s old news, I finally get around to publishing it on Medium:
  • That post got under the skin of a friend of mine, who posted this rebuttal:
  • I now feel up to the challenge to write a rebuttal both to MikeMC and to another author who takes a similar tone.  It takes me a while, but I finally publish the silly thing:
  • MikeMC feels compelled to offer a rebuttal to my rebuttal:

I don’t think either of us has convinced one another of anything, but still, that’s where we left things.  I still think Oprah would be a perfectly acceptable choice by Democrats in 2020.  Not my favorite choice, but still, a powerful strategic move.  MikeMC still thinks its a terrible idea.

I’m offering this summary only because I have something vaguely related that I’d like to share, and I’d like to refer back to this discussion.  I hope you enjoyed this summary.



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